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Palouse River Design is the work of Patrick Braun: Web Designer, Analytical & Explosives Chemist, Geologist, Postage Stamp and Mineral Collector, Microsoft Excel and Access Programmer, and Evangelical Reformed Christian.

The purpose of this website is to make available a wide array of ideas, projects and share them with you.  And hopefully have you share as well.

Why Palouse River Design?  I live in Clarkston, Washington along the Snake River and across from Lewiston, Idaho.  That’s right, “Lewis & Clark” came through here on their great adventure. The Snake River and Hell’s Canyon get most of the notoriety but the Palouse River though much smaller in size has many beautiful locations.

Unsure of just what to call a potential consulting firm and in looking for a unique web address I decided to incorporate the name Palouse River.

Because the Pacific Northwest has some many scenic rivers, I’ll share photos of them throughout this site.

The website is divided into several areas.


Procedures, Techniques, Instrumentation, Lab Safety, etc.


Photos, Collecting Locations, Mineralogy, and Physical Properties.

Palouse River Canyon

Microsoft Excel and Access Programing

MS Office - Spreadsheets, Databases, Applications and VBA code examples.

Evangelical Reformed Christianity